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This logic maze was inspired by Robert Abbott, who made mazes with rules very popular in the works of Martin Gardner, in Games magazine, on his own site, in the NUMB3RS episode "One Hour", and on the iPhone. These mazes are deceptively difficult, because you can return to the same spot of the maze multiple times, but be in a different state. Some logic mazes are so hard that they unsolvable without the aid of a state diagram. In the similar-but-different maze below, the object is still to get from KK to II. Using two pens might help. The shortest solution is KK - AK - FK - KL - LP - MP - NP - FN - FO - AO - BO - CO - HO - HT - IT - IN - DN - EN - EI - II. Below, it's also possible to get both agents safely from QQ to PP. In total, there are 131 possible states for the two agents, and 145 possible ways for one agent to cover for another.
Cover Me Maze
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