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Season 6
Episode 613: Devil Girl
Restoring a degraded digital image
Restoring a degraded digital image
Scene 28:
          As you can see, the recovered
          images are highly degraded, a lot
          of digital information has been
          lost. But we're applying a
          technique called √ęScaled Gradient
          Projection.' Think of it like a
          partially filled in crossword
          puzzle --

A page of torn newspaper with a partially filled in crossword
puzzle flies across the screen. No clues are visible, only
the grid and a few letters.

                 CHARLIE (cont'd)
          Even if you don't have the clues,
          there are some things you can
          surmise, knowing what you do about
          spelling and phrases.

CLOSE-UP on the partially filled in puzzle.

                 CHARLIE (cont'd)
          Certain vowels will go together,
          certain consonants will not. You
          can assume, for example, Z and R
          will not be next to each other --
          at least not in English.

Letters that make sense next to each other are tried.

                 CHARLIE (cont'd)
          So we eliminate unlikely
          possibilities and make educated
          conjectures about what would be in
          adjacent squares.

The letters fill in to make the phrase "Kilroy Was Here."

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