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Episode 502: The Decoy Effect
Four recursively subdivided triangles rotate around their edges and form a regular tetrahedron
Four recursively subdivided triangles rotate around their edges and form a regular tetrahedron
Interactive Computations
Use the free Wolfram Mathematica Player to interact with the math behind NUMB3RS.
Scene 3:
CHARLIE goes through a thick pile of files with LARRY --

          Wideband Mixer-Circulator Retro-Reflector.

          Obviously not...

          Ternary computing.

          Mmm... no.

Each rejected file going on a tall stack, next to a second,
very small one, as AMITA and ALAN enter.

Balanced Ternary Notation »

Balanced Ternary Notation
A number represented in binary is a sum of the powers of 2 (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ...) multiplied by 0 or 1. For example, 60 in binary notation is 111100 = 1×32 + 1×16 + 1×8 + 1×4 + 0×2 + 0×1, using six "bits". Balanced ternary notation multiplies each power of 3 (1, 3, 9, 27, ...) by -1, 0, or 1. In balanced ternary, 60 is 11110 = 81-27+9-3+0, with 1 indicating -1; 60 requires five "trits". With weights 1, 3, 9, 27, and 81, the notation can be used to balance any unit amount from 1 to 121 by putting the weights on either side of the balance pan.
Scene 3:
          With my NSA clearance suspended,
          sometimes it feels like that's all I
          get to do -- look.
          My next paper might very well be "Our
          Friend the Triangle."

          Actually, John Conway and Steven Sigur
          already wrote a great book on the

Triangle Altitudes and Inradius »

Triangle Altitudes and Inradius
If a triangle has inradius r and altitude α, β, and γ, then 1/r = 1/α + 1/β + 1/γ.
Scene 44:
          I suspect I'm looking at a combinatorics
          problem.  Would you mind --

          Sure --

Heilbronn Triangles in the Unit Square »

Heilbronn Triangles in the Unit Square
For n points in a unit square, find the three points that make the triangle with minimal area. Finding the placement of n points that produces the largest such triangle is known as the Heilbronn triangle problem. The point placements shown here are the best known. Minimal triangles are colored red. All solutions above 12 points are due to Mark Beyleveld and David Cantrell, with optimization and exact solutions found by Mathematica.
Scene 49:
The SAME FEEDS that were in the War Room are visible on
screens here, now -- as DON brings up the SPIDER program for
Amita and Larry --

          SPIDER is a --

          -- real-time ATM tracking program...
          Charlie and I did work on its
          Distributed Neural Network -- along
          with half the Calsci math and
          computer departments...

Cellular-Automaton-Like Neural Network in a Toroidal Vector Field »

Cellular Automaton-Like Neural Network
This Demonstration shows a neural network evolving under rules similar to those for a four-neighbor outer-totalistic cellular automaton. You can sample a variety of evolution rules exhibiting integrate-and-fire-like behavior. Red indicates cellular activity (a neuronal spike), while blue indicates inactivity. Color intensity encodes the value of a binary internal state variable.
Scene 60:
          Then why risk Herman on the
          kidnappings in the first place?

          Because he was running his own
          version of a scheduling algorithm.

          (to others)
          Computers use them to weigh the
          duration or difficulty of different
          tasks against the system's resources
          and allocate them accordingly.

          So what does that tell us?

          The interesting thing about
          scheduling algorithms is that no one
          has come up with a perfect one.

          There are thousands -- the Smith
          Rule, the O2, the Beam Search... any
          programmer can design one, name it,
          test it...

          And just like a programmer's
          design... or a guitarist's signature
          riff, or a painter's brush stroke...

Optimal Transport Scheduling »

Optimal Transport Scheduling
This Demonstration shows the optimal transport scheduling for two depots that are responsible for supplying building materials to seven construction sites. Given the amount of supply available at each depot and the demand at each site, the optimal scheduling minimizes the transport cost, assuming that the distance between a depot and the site is the Euclidean distance.
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