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Episode 601 Episode 601:
Hangman »
The sixth season begins with Charlie grappling with his position in the future, as the FBI tries to protect a controversial figure attending a rally. More »
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Puzzle: Domino Grid »
Episode 602 Episode 602:
Friendly Fire »
Don investigates the aftermath of a botched stakeout, as Larry reveals a surprise gift for Charlie. More »
Math used:
confidence intervals, supergravity, spectral representations synthesis
Are you a math genius?
Puzzle: Views of a Cube »
Episode 603 Episode 603:
Seven Men Out »
As people die in a high-stakes game, Charlie investigates the mechanics of the game, while the FBI investigates those behind it. More »
Math used:
Russian roulette, the future of the Sun, gambler's ruin
Episode 604 Episode 604:
Where Credit's Due »
The months-old mummified remains of a body are found at a grisly crime scene. An identical crime scene occurs within the horror movie opening that week. Is there a connection? More »
Math used:
rate of absorption, computer writing programs, computer-aided design, triangulation, light pollution
Episode 605 Episode 605:
Hydra »
A girl is kidnapped. The FBI investigates, but a high-level security firm is also investigating. More »
Math used:
wavelets, acoustics, cake cutting, genetics
Episode 606 Episode 606:
Dreamland »
A UFO enthusiast is killed near a closed Air Force base. Charlie and the FBI bring the case back to Earth. More »
Math used:
toroids, thunderclouds, laser-induced plasma channels
Episode 607 Episode 607:
Shadow Markets »
A shrewd computer hacker cuts the ground from up under an undercover sting operation to bag a cyber crime lord. His actions trigger a turf war putting his life in peril. More »
Math used:
internet protocols, 3-D printing technology
Episode 608 Episode 608:
Ultimatum »
Ian Edgerton meets back up with the team, but this time--he's on the wrong side. Accused of murder, Ian takes a member of Don's team hostage in order to get to the bottom of the case against him. More »
Math used:
pursuit curves, ultimatum game, differential geometry, longitudinal socializing process
Episode 609 Episode 609:
Con Job »
A series of heists remind Eppes of a previous case when a tour bus was hijacked; so he seeks the help of the mastermind whom he put in prison for help. More »
Math used:
multivariate hypergeometric distributions, Jeu Militaire game, path minimization, Braille
Episode 610 Episode 610:
Old Soldiers »
When the team foils a robbery of an armored car full of Federal Reserve money and recover bills that trace back to the infamous D.B. Cooper heist, they call on retired Agent Roger Bloom for help. More »
Math used:
induction, risk/reward ratios
Episode 611 Episode 611:
Scratch »
Don and the team try their luck at investigating the theft of scratch-off lottery tickets, but the stakes are raised when one of the culprits killed at a botched robbery turns out to be a former lottery winner. More »
Math used:
lottery odds, pseudo-random number generation, prime numbers
Episode 612 Episode 612:
Arm in Arms »
An illegal shipment of badly designed machine guns causes problems for the FBI and everyone who fires them. More »
Math used:
trajectory, stable marriage problem, 4-D mapping, pigeonhole principle
Episode 613 Episode 613:
Devil Girl »
A serial killer seems to be going after the clients of prostitutes, leaving a bloody trail for the FBI to follow. More »
Math used:
Math used: scaled gradient projection, crossword puzzles
Episode 614 Episode 614:
And The Winner Is... »
When smoke fills the auditorium of an awards show, many valuables are stolen from the stars as they hit the exits. More »
Math used:
Math used: planetary motion, retrograde analysis, image reconstruction, crowd dynamics
Episode 615 Episode 615:
Growin' Up »
The victims of a molestation case from 1991 start getting killed. A videotape from the time provides some scientific clues. More »
Math used:
P versus NP problem, cellular automata, Diffie-Hellman encryption, point-pattern matching, line detection, lunar cycles
Episode 616 Episode 616:
Cause and Effect »
Coming soon... More »
Math used:
fundamental forces, small world networks, adjacency matrix, Bayesian filter
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