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Season 6
Episode 605: Hydra
Wavelet spectrograms
Wavelet spectrograms
Scene 1:
Don pins a photo of CYNTHIA JANE BRAMON (CJ) next to Flynn's 
as Amita points to grainy surveillance photos of Flynn's car
and an accompanying wavelet graph. 

          We have a lot of opportunities to
          "hear" Flynn's car and match it to
          the audio signature and security
          footage from the initial kidnapping.
          For instance, a lot of red-light
          cameras have an audio component. We
          can cross-check acoustic hits with
          video to try and confirm her

Wavelet Shrinkage Denoising »

Wavelet Shrinkage Denoising
Three iterations of the discrete wavelet transform are computed using the Daubechies six-term filter. The wavelet transform splits the data into lowpass (approximation) portions and highpass (detail) portions. Wavelet shrinkage reduces the magnitude of terms in the highpass portions. Finally, the wavelet transform is inverted to get the denoised version of the data.
Scene 26:
She gets up and joins him at his desk, noticing a book: The
Cake Problem.

          The cake problem?

          Your question of optimal number of
          children. Two kids... one cuts the
          cake, one chooses the slice. When
          you introduce a third child, your
          variables explode. I'm starting to
          think that your three-child
          hypothesis feels... right.

The Cake Icing Puzzle »

The Cake Icing Puzzle
Take a cake with icing on the top and no icing on the bottom. Pick an angle A, cut a piece out of the cake in the usual way with center angle A, turn the piece upside down, and replace it in the gap in the cake. Then do it again, with a piece that borders the initial piece.
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