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Episode 604: Where Credits Due
Normal-arrows of an algebraic curve
Normal-arrows of an algebraic curve
Scene 7:
          Why not let the desiccant answer
          the question? I mean, it can't
          actually tell us when he was
          killed... but it could tell us how
          long he was packed in the crate.
            (then, off the Agents)
          Every desiccant has its own rate of
          absorption, its own level of thirst.

Start-Up of a Plate Gas Absorption Unit »

Start-Up of a Plate Gas Absorption Unit
One can solve an absorption system of ODEs using the built-in Mathematica function NDSolve. An elegant analytical solution was made available by Lapidus and Amundson in 1950 (and later by Acrivos and Amundson, 1955) and is described in detail by J. M. Douglas (see reference below). This Demonstration shows that both methods give the same result for the output gas composition versus time.
Scene 22:
          Forget about Charlie's whole x,y,z-axis
          approach... For me, it's best
          to just put yourself in the space.
            (as Alan works)
          If you can imagine yourself inside
          the figure you're creating, you get
          a better reference for direction...
            (beat, then)
          Does that help?

          I'm sure it's supposed to...

Vector Rotations In 3D »

Vector Rotations In 3D
This Demonstration lets you locate two points on a sphere. The points form a vector that can be rotated about the X, Y, or Z axes.
Scene 31:
          No problem. What do you need?

          David and Colby've been trailing
          the writer all day, but they lost
          him. You did a cell phone
          triangulation scheme for us before;
          took you half the time it would
          take our techs...

          I'm gonna need to access his signal
          through his provider...

Sonar and Radio Navigation Techniques »

Sonar and Radio Navigation Techniques
Angle of arrival positioning is one of many passive sonar or radio navigation techniques that may be used to pinpoint the location of a car, ship, or mobile device. This Demonstration presents a Monte Carlo simulation of 2-beacon angle of arrival positioning in the plane.
Scene 49:
No moon. No nearby lights. The stars seem to pop. It's
beautiful. Larry just turns in a circle, staring up at the
heavens like Copernicus...

Solar Neighborhood »

Solar Neighborhood
Leaving the Sun and traveling at the speed of light, it would take about 4.22 years to reach Proxima Centauri, the Sun's nearest neighbor and part of the star system Alpha Centauri. Move farther from the Sun to see more stellar neighbors of the Sun. Hover your mouse over a star to learn more about it.
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