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Season 6
Episode 616: Cause and Effect
Iterconnected time-dependent networks
Scene 5:
                  LARRY (cont'd)
          At the request of the bride and
          groom, I will keep my remarks short
          and non-technical.  As you know,
          there are four fundamental forces
          in physics: electromagnetism,
          strong nuclear interaction, weak
          nuclear interaction, and gravity.

Nuclear Liquid Drop Model Applied to Radioactive Decay Modes »

The liquid-drop model in nuclear physics was originally proposed by George Gamow and developed by Hans Bethe and Carl von Weizsäcker in the 1930s. It treats the nucleus as an incompressible fluid of protons and neutrons bound together by the strong nuclear force. It treats the nucleus as an incompressible fluid of protons and neutrons bound together by the strong nuclear force.
Scene 21:
          Social network models interpret the
          structure of human relationships:
          social, economic, political. Ties
          between individuals are channels
          for transfer or "flow" of material
          and non-material resources.
          Yes, yes.  You'll need an adjacency
          matrix for the network data.
          Adjacency matrix.  Go for it. 

Adjacency Matrices of Manipulable Graphs »

The adjacency matrix of a graph shows how the vertices are connected; when the entry at row i, column j is 1 in the matrix, the vertices i and j are connected. Moving the points leaves the adjacency matrix the same.
Scene 22:
          You know the "Six Degrees of
          Separation" phenomenon?  In math
          it's called "The Small World

Charlie enters the immense urban sprawl of Los Angeles.

                  CHARLIE (cont'd)
          By using principles of The Small
          World Problem we build an
          algorithm to filter through
          millions of social links -

GRAPHIC OVERLAY: graphic version of social connections of
L.A. -- an overwhelming "beehive" of communication.

                  CHARLIE (cont'd)
          --and identify individuals using
          local information, like the
          internet, to create paths in the
          network for a specific purpose,
          the transfer of your gun--

The graphic evolves as the algorithm strips away social
connections to focus on fewer people and connections until-

                  CHARLIE (cont'd)
          We turn the immense social network
          of Los Angeles into the equivalent
          of a small town.

--Charlie is in the simpler visual world of a small town.

Small World Networks »

A small world network is created by means of rewiring a network. Each node is randomly selected for rewiring with probability P.
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