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Episode 609: Con Job
Finding the shortest tour between 120 points
Finding the shortest tour between 120 points
Scene 3:
ALAN, dressed for work, watches the morning news on TV (STOCK
FOOTAGE). CHARLIE enters with AMITA hurriedly stuffing her

          You two are in a rush.

          We're giving a joint-lecture today on
          Multivariate Hypergeometric
          Distribution. We haven't even started
          to prepare.

Mathematica 7's Discrete Distributions »

Mathematica 7's Discrete Distributions
This Demonstration illustrates all supported discrete distributions in Mathematica 7.
Scene 61:
            (eyeing Charlie)
          Got another plan?

          I designed a variant on Path
          Minimization to map routes criminals
          would take -- avoiding law
          enforcement hot spots like police
          stations, hospitals...

Traveling Salesman Game »

Traveling Salesman Game
Attention gamers! You are a traveling salesman. Your task: visit the cities (represented as dots on the gameboard) one by one by clicking them. Start anywhere you like. You will trace out a route as you proceed. You must visit every city once and then return to your starting point. The goal is to find the shortest possible route that accomplishes this. Your total distance is recorded at the bottom of the panel, along with the total distance of the best route that Mathematica can find.
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