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Season 6
Episode 607: Shadow Market
Modeling the 3D printing of a curved object
Modeling the 3D printing of a curved object
Scene 6:
          With holograms and 3-D technology,
          virtual worlds are becoming more
          life-like, blurring boundaries 
          between reality and fantasy.  This 
          machine works in the opposite 
          direction, taking what is virtual -- 

She points to the weapon in the hand of her avatar. 

                 AMITA (cont'd)
          An image on a computer -- and
          making it real. Just by hitting
          PRINT.  This is a disruptive
          technology -- and it's going to 
          change the way we do things. It
          views 3D objects as a stack of 2D
          slices -- using powders or plastics
          to 'print' the slices, one atop the
          other, to build an object.  The
          applications are almost endless,
          but what I want to talk about today
          is what we have to worry about --
          what we have to protect against --
          as this technology ends up in the
          hands of criminal enterprises.
          3D printing can be used for
          reproducing keys from photographs,
          reproducing credit cards, creating
          stamps to emboss fake documents
          like passports and government
          bonds, counterfeiting money,
          creating fake fingerprints, and
          even building parts for weapons.

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Segmenting a Medical Image
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