Are You a Math Genius?
Each entry in the table was an anagram of a playing card. The best possible hand is 4 tens and an ace.

Masters of Deception - mortice 10&spades below the surface - awe 3&clubs
Dark Side of the Moon - OK 3&diams The Face on Mars - MN A♥
fluorescent bulb - ruble 10&clubs Bessel function - set 9&clubs
algebraic functions - training A&clubs earthtones + f 10♥
random act of kindness - cranks 10♦ overstuffed chair - curd 5♥
Knight of Columbus - mouth K&clubs sheet of rain + n 9♥
President of the USA - unit 3&spades shoe fastener + v 7♥
absolute frequency - teary Q&clubs safe-deposit + Hg 8&spades
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