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Episode 509: Conspiracy Theory
Visualization of the 720 permutations of six objects
Visualization of the 720 permutations of six objects
Scene 8:
          CalSci has long proved that the slide
          rule is mightier than the sword. 
            (re: model)
          I believe Friday night's prank will
          be our finest hour.

Slide Rule »

Slide Rule
A slide rule adds the logarithms of two numbers to multiply them. Slide the C scale so that the 1 or 10 is over x on the D scale. Find y on the C scale; x × y will be underneath y on the D scale. You have to figure out the decimals yourself.
Scene 31:
          You should let me be the judge of
          that --
          No more secrets, okay?
          I'm late for my random matrix
          theory lecture...

Cycles in Random Sample Permutations »

Cycles in Random Sample Permutations
The top left plot represents a random permutation of grays. The top right plot colors the pixels according to the memberships of sampled numbers in the cycles of this sampled permutation. Members of the largest cycle are marked black. The lower plot sorts the pixels according to cycle membership. The red numbers in the grid count the elements in the cycles; the black numbers give these cycles or the first few members of longer cycles.
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