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Season 5
Episode 512: Jacked
Stylized parametrized polyhedron and its shadows on five planes
Stylized parametrized polyhedron and its shadows on five planes
Scene 1:
Charlie and Amita crunch away on their laptops, as Larry
studies decryption equations on the board.

          Our hacker knows what he's doing.
          128-bit encryption key... he's
          definitely not making our lives easy.
          Perhaps we could leverage the
          discrete logarithm problem with
          elliptic curve cryptography.
          That's next if this doesn't work.

Rational Points on an Elliptic Curve »

Rational Points on an Elliptic Curve
On an elliptic curve, if a line through two rational points P and Q intersects the curve again at R, then R is another rational point. This property is fundamental in number theory.
Scene 20:
A CAD room, filled with virtual furniture, lamps, etc...

                    CHARLIE (cont'd)
          It allows designers to see what a
          space will look like from different
          angles, using different floorplans.
The POV and the objects in the room now move around (and move
around Charlie) -- light, shadow and perspective changing...

                    CHARLIE (cont'd)
          As the observer and the objects move
          around, the CAD algorithm calculates
          light, shadow, perspective...

Shadows of a 3D Shape »

Shadows of a 3D Shape
An unknown 3D shape depends on its polygonal base. You can see its shadow on the floor and on the walls. Can you imagine what the shape is?
Scene 22:
                   CHARLIE (ON VIDEO)
          Clearly he's keeping us off-balance.
          The diversion tactics... shifting
          deadlines... threats.  Classic game
          theory.  Perfect for a Structured No-
          Regret Minimization Analysis...
                    LEN WALSH
          I think I missed that day in school.
                    CHARLIE (ON VIDEO)
          You play poker?

Poker »

This Demonstration generates random poker hands. Each of the 2598960 different possible poker hands will get one of the ten possible rankings, from royal flush to nothing.
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