Are You a Math Genius?
The DARPA 23 Mathematical Challenges are matched up with quotes and episodes below. Actual solutions for the DARPA-23 challenges are too large for this space (FLT humor). Previous episodes are available at Numb3rs Videos. Previous puzzles are available at The Math Behind Numb3rs.
1. Mathematics of the Brain. "With all my cognitive emergence theory work over there we've had to expand out." b. Ep 211
2. Dynamics of Networks. "Tooner and Vanguard know their communications systems better than we do. " j. Ep 510
4. 21st Century Fluids. "A fluid whose viscosity is variable based on applied stress." h. Ep 416
Atomic #33
8. Beyond Convex Optimization. "Her work in Algebraic Geometry led her to String Theory with a strong connection to Cosmology." e. Ep 309
Waste Not
10. Algorithmic Origami and Biology. "They're already folding proteins based on your work in Knot Theory." f. Ep 314
Take Out
11. Optimal Nanostructures. "Nanometer Fabrication using Sacrificial Spacer Layers." i. Ep 502
Decoy Effect
12. Quantum Computing and Entanglement. "I see you're reading Dr. Preskill's paper on quantum particles and multi-dimensionality." g. Ep 402
15. Geometry of Genome Space. "Mark V DNA sequencer. Can produce a billion DNA copies in under three hours." c. Ep 215
Running Man
19. Settle the Riemann Hypothesis. "He has a novel approach to Riemann's. Elliptic curves yielding powerful prime number sieves." a. Ep 106
Prime Suspect
22. Poincare in 4D. "If we add the fourth dimension to the cube, the way we added a third dimension to the square, it becomes a tesseract." d. Ep 221
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