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Episode 401: Trust Metric--Explore the Math
Original Math Notes
Episode 401: Trust Metric
Interactive Computations
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Scene 4:
Consider the game of Chicken, in which
there are three Nash Equilibria.

Nash Equilibria with Continuous Strategies »

Nash equilibria with continuous strategies
A Nash equilibrium of a game is a strategy combination such that no party can improve its situation by changing its strategy, assuming the complementary strategies of the other players stay the same.
Scene 13:
I had this idea that I could navigate
the 11th Grade with the minmax
theorem and n-person games.

Did it work?

My insights into the network
externalities of school elections
were bulletproof. Payoff Strategies
for doing other people's homework
were not quite as well reasoned.

Payoff Gradients in Two-Player Games »

Payoff gradients in two-player game
In a strategic form game, each player's payoffs are a function of the combination of their probability distributions over their sets of strategies.
Scene 15:
Charlie, didn't you do something like
this before -- chase curves?

Pursuit curves... and they're not
really applicable --

Pursuit Curves »

Pursuit curves
Given a moving prey (black path) with unit speed and a time-dependent position {x(t), y(t)}, a predator (colored path), moving with speed v, runs at all times in the direction of the current position of the prey.
Scene 15:
... a coastline at night. To keep us
from crashing on the rocks, we build

But lighthouses are a limited
resource; they cost time, money,
materials. Using Set Covering
Deployment --

-- we determine the best placement of
our limited number of lighthouses to
illuminate the ocean.

The Circle Covering Puzzle »

Circle covering puzzle
Completely cover the orange shape with the white disks. The number of disks determines the size of each shape.
Scene 43:
Makes sense -- there must be some
mathematical term for removing the...
clutter --

Fitting Noisy Data »

Fitting noisy data
Polynomials can be used to fit noisy data. This Demonstration allows you to explore the relationship between the terms in a fit and the shape of the fit. You can experiment with different sets of powers.
Scene 47:
Ernest Straus posited a roomful of

... Straus wondered if there was a
room so complex that a match lit in
the right place couldn't reach every

The Penrose Unilluminable Room »

Penrose unilluminable room
In the early 1950s, Ernst Straus asked if a single candle could illuminate an entire room made with mirrored walls, no matter what the shape of the room.
Scene 47:
It was forty years before George
Tokarsky devised an answer -- a 26
sided room...
... and, in the spirit of that
problem, and solution, I looked for
Carter's dark corner -- the nearest,
safest Chinese soil.

The 26-Sided Unilluminable Room »

26-sided unilluminable room
If a candle is inside a room with mirrored walls, can any portion of the room be dark? In 1958, a young Roger Penrose found an unilluminable room with elliptical sides.
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