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NUMB3RS Episode 405--Explore the Math
Episode 405: Robin Hood
Interactive Computations
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Scene 24:


          These acetone smears, they're

          perfect for a Hand Path Prediction.

Snake-Arm Robot »

Snake-Arm Robot
A series of cylinders are joined with spheres to form a snaking arm. The spheres act as hinges around which the cylinders can be turned simultaneously. The snake arm is mounted on a double boom, each part of which can be tilted separately. The entire assembly can be turned around. This arrangement is similar to that of the snake-arm robot produced by OC Robotics.
Scene 24:


          With an adaptation of Listing's

          Law, right?

Listing's Law »

Listing's Law
Listing's law: all eye rotations are such that they are rotations around an axis orthogonal to the primary gaze direction. Mathematically, this means the space of all eye rotations is a subgroup of the special orthogonal group SO(3).
Scene 24:


          It's no different from a golf

          swing, really...


A golfer, Bobby Jones re-incarnated on the tee box.

                    CHARLIE (V.O.) (cont'd)

          By watching and analyzing the swing

          you can tell from the point of

          impact exactly where the golf ball

          will end up...

Throw off a Cliff »

Throw off a Cliff
Two-dimensional display of the trajectory of an object thrown from a cliff into the sea. In this Demonstration, you can vary the cliff height H, the initial speed v, and the initial angle α.
Scene 41:


          The noticeable absence of a certain

          combinatorics professor makes me

          think your own affairs of the heart

          have heightened your empathy.


          Love is one puzzle after another.


          In quantum experiments, when we

          change our minds, we change the

          state of matter itself.  Imagine,

          how deeply our thoughts can affect

          our relationships.

Romeo and Juliet »

Romeo and Juliet
This Demonstration calculates the stony limits of love. More specifically, coupled differential equations describe how love varies over time using a dynamical model.
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